1997 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2003 I moved to South Florida (western suburb), after a few months of living here a friend who happened to be part owner of a large wine shop in South Carolina, that I managed came into town for a visit.  He owns a few penthouses in South Beach.  Yes, he is very successful in business.  He invited us out to South Beach for dinner.  This was our very first time going out on the beach. We met at his place, which was ever so breathtaking, popped open a bottle of Champagne then went for dinner.  He had made reservations at the famous Prime 112.

He had a couple of friends that we did not know so we had a total of eight people.  When we arrived at Prime 112, it was packed, nothing unusual as I found out later. My eye’s were gleaming at everyone as I could not believe the clients that we were dining right next to.  Yes, there were a few famous people dining that night.

We start to look at the menu, cocktails are pouring in left and right as my friend is just ordering away making sure no one is without a drink.  He hands me the wine list and tells me to order a few nice bottles to go with our dinner.  I then ask everyone what they might be ordering.  Most are having steak.  Great, I decide we need a nice big bold red, possibly a Cabernet Sauvignon.  The wine list is incredible, page after page of different appellations, vintages that I am sure you could not find in any other restaurant. And believe me prices to match.

I decide on BV George De Latour 1997, known to be an epic vintage and I thought it would be perfect.  The price was upwards of over $400 a bottle at the time if memory serves me correctly.  When the two bottles arrived, our waiter let me sample it first since I ordered it.  Funny thing, no one in our party could really appreciate the quality of this wine, it was more about hey just get a nice expensive bottle.

Our party was enjoying conversation, eating their food while I precisely remember sitting there lusting after every sip.  It was a wonderful party in my mouth and I was enjoying every taste.  We were there for quite a long time, as this is the kind of place where you dine for hours.  We went through six bottles, until they had no more available and switched to another wine.

Tasting notes: Black cherry, rich, chewy, vanilla flavors, minerals, perfect amounts of oak, full-bodied with a long-lasting silky finish. When first opened it was tight and hot.  As we sat there letting it breathe, it just got better and better.  We did not decant it because our party was drinking it like water.  What a shame is all I thought.  I did not mind that I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this excellent wine by myself.  My thoughts were filled with so much happiness and my palate was in lust. 

Rutherford Appellation, the very first vintage was in 1936.  This winery produces quality wines that are unsurpassed.  What an evening that I will never forget.  Gratitude for the opportunity to experience such a fine wine. My rating *****

Prime 112


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2 Responses to BV GEORGE DE LATOUR

  1. Patrick says:

    Sounds amazing. As long as someone else was paying 🙂

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