Shafer Wines & Vineyards

Last year when we had a vacation in Napa Valley, this winery was one of our visits.  It is located in Napa Valley, Stags Leap District.  They use earth friendly farming methods.  The views were breathtaking, I could have stayed there all day.  As we had a private tasting overlooking the vineyards on a steep hill, John Shafer himself joined us.  He was such a lovely down to earth man who spoke with our group about his passion in the wine business. John lives in a very modest home overlooking the vineyards.  What a view?  How amazing to wake up to this everyday.  Our visit was incredible.

Elias Fernandez,  has been the winemaker since 1994. During his long tenure with Shafer he has proven to make outstanding wines.

As I sat at the long table I was happily greeted by “Tanner” the winery dog. He was beautiful Golden Retriever and ever so friendly.  He followed me around, so I took a picture with him. See below.  I did want to bring him home with me, we had a special bond together. 🙂

These are the wines we tasted:

2008 Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay Butterscotch, almonds, creamy, smooth, good acidity, structure, apricots with a very elegant balance. My Rating ***  $48

2007 One Point Five- 98 % Cabernet Sauvignon, very approachable while young, abundant amounts of fruits, mocha, spice, black cherry, silky tannins with a great long finish. Very pleasing from the Stags Leap District.  My rating ****   $70

2006 Relentless- Napa Valley  80 % Syrah/ 20% Petite Sirah, dark rich fruit, smoky, spicy black pepper, bold, in your face showing a good decade of ageability. The name of this wine was created for Elias Fernandez and his relentless pursuit of quality in the vineyard and cellar.  My rating ***   $70

2005 Hillside Select- 100 % Cabernet Sauvignon, what a treat, this wine was full-bodied, rich, deep, the aroma was tantalizing with such rich fruit so well-balanced. Black cherry, cassis, some spicy notes a hint of chocolate, this wine was fabulous. I suspect the aging could be upwards of 20-30 years easily. My Rating *****     $215

Enjoyed our visit immensely and highly suggest to anyone to go for a visit.  Quality wines, and a group of people who are ever so friendly.


and oh the views are unforgettable.


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Wine Quotes: " Wine improves with age, the older I get the more I like it." "Save the earth, it's the only planet with wine" " A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine" "Wine is meant to be shared with friends" I started this blog to share my education and passion about the wine world. Hope you enjoy! :)
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2 Responses to Shafer Wines & Vineyards

  1. Rob Cope says:

    Only discovered you this day. I left a note as another comment inviting exchanges of opinions on wines — worldwide. I’m a Yank, but live in Australia. I age vin ordinare and nearly cried about the costly bottle not appreciated in another of your blogs. I’m in the preparation of another article or so about wines, including those from the Georgain Republic — visiting in June.

    • WineGoddess1 says:

      Thank you, I am rushing out now but will check it later. You are a very good writer. I look forward to reding your next article. I actually just tweeted it.
      Funny, I just started my blog two day’s ago, way over due.

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