Blackstone Pinot Noir 2008

I have alway’s been a fan of the Blackstone Merlot, and the Pinot Noir has been good as well over the years.  A small group of friends came over last weekend and we opened up three bottles of wine to enjoy amongst the four of us who were drinking wine.

Not only was I highly disappointed but embarrassed as well.  I have no issues opening up an $8-$12 bottle of wine if it is good. Let’s face it, this is a great price range for daily consumption or a party wine.

The wine was not bad, not corked or anything.  It was just plain awful. From the moment I swirled and sniffed I knew something was way off.

No aroma at all, no fruit, it was tight and green. Nothing elegant, delightful or fruit characteristics were in this bottle. Not sure if this was just a bad vintage but I can promise you one thing I would never drink this vintage again.  Let’s hope they are not suffering from bulk wine production and forgetting about quality.

Oh Blackstone, I have two bottles of Merlot and sure hope it is as good as ever, but for this Pinot Noir, um yeah no maybe you should stick to what you do best,  Merlot.

My rating * Price $9-$12


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1 Response to Blackstone Pinot Noir 2008

  1. Patrick says:

    Good to know. They can’t all be amazing.

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