Poetry in a bottle part two

When we taste wine we use descriptor words to help us to describe what we are tasting or feeling.  Yes, I believe we can feel wine. Taste it and really feel the soil it might have been grown in, the people who picked the grapes and the love that went into making each batch.

Some words that are used: filtered, smoky, oaky, herbaceous, soft, chewy, fat, lean, austere, big, bold, sexy, hot, jammy, fruity, fleshy, sour, puckery, ripe, bright, round, ponderous, green, foxy, firm, breathe, luscious, attractive, perfumed, easy, delicate, flowery, lemony, buttery, elegant, citrusy, crisp, supple, tannic, toasty, tobacco, woody, yeasty, tart, oily, hearty, and lively.

So many words to describe wine, so how can we not say it is bottled poetry.

Next time you are outside and you see a bird flying through the sky, picture yourself with wing’s, flying beside it taking in all the beautiful views, the wind racing through your entire body, experience it as it would never be the same if you did it again. Each experience would be different.


This is exactly like each bottle you sample. Sit back, take in what this living thing has to offer, the story or poem it will tell is astounding.

Adventure, journey to another dimesnion is what wine bring’s me in each and every story one bottle at a time.  BELIEVE!


About WineGoddess1

Wine Quotes: " Wine improves with age, the older I get the more I like it." "Save the earth, it's the only planet with wine" " A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine" "Wine is meant to be shared with friends" I started this blog to share my education and passion about the wine world. Hope you enjoy! :)
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2 Responses to Poetry in a bottle part two

  1. I like this one. Yet I bet you don’t use “cat piss” or “horse blanket” to describe highly-rated wines 😉

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