Alois Lageder Muller Thurgau 2010

Had this bottle for the first time last week, and what an incredible white wine from Italy.  If you are ready to expand your palate and try another very unique white grape varietal, look no further, this is an impressive wine.

Muller Thurgau is the grape varietal. It was actually created in the late 1800s by Dr. Hermann Muller. Originally thought to be a cross between Riesling and Sylvaner, DNA testing now proves it to be a hybrid of Riesling and Chasselas, an ancient varietal popular in Switzerland.

Stainless steel fermentation aged on its lees for 3 months.  The bouquet is delicate and beautiful, the color is straw yellow with hints of green.  The tasting profile has good concentration and depth of flavor with green apple, pear, white peach, hints of spice, and minerals.  It is a medium bodied wine that is crisp and refreshing.

Perfect as an aperitif, pairs beautifully with all kinds of seafood and salads.

Excellent summer wine! Grab the ladies and drink this beautifully elegant wine, such an excellent value for the quality.

My rating ****                                                                                                   Price $20-$25


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