Familia Di Tommaso Malbec 2007 Ultra Premium

One gorgeous evening we decide to go visit one of our favorite restaurants here in Miami “Catharsis” known for their latin fusion flare and Italian dishes.  Not only is their food incredible but they have a very nice wine list as well.  The owner Hernan knows how much I appreciate wine so he mentioned he had just gotten in this fantastic Malbec.  As soon as he brought over the bottle I knew it was wonderful as I had it before.   This family winery has been around since 1869.  Hernan decanted our bottle of wine and then the incredible evening began.  As we started with some mushroom risotto and savoring each sip of wine, we were enjoying the beautiful rich fruit of dark plums, cream, raspberry, cherry and caramel flavors.       This rich full bodied Malbec has been aged 18 months in French Oak and another 12 months in the bottle.  Every sip was better and better.  It has a long finish without the austereness of sharp tannins. Smooth rich flavor that paired beautifully with our dishes.  I ordered short ribs and this wine was the perfect match.

As we sat there enjoying our wine, we had just finished our appetizer when all of a sudden the two winemakers from this winery walked into the restaurant.  Hernan approached our table to introduce us to them both.  They were very excited to see us drinking their wine and of course I wanted to pick their brain.  Osvaldo Ortiz Baldasso and the lovely Judith, oh I hope I remembered her name properly.

It was so intense speaking with them and their winery, how they hand pick every single grape, bio-dynamic winemaking and how they taste every single day.  The passion between both the oenologist was invaluable.  They were both so friendly and we spoke for about 45 minutes or so as they explained every single wine they make, and how etc….

As your dining with such great food and you have the pleasure of meeting such wonderful people who make such an enjoyable wine it makes a very memorable evening.  They both signed our bottle of wine, thanked us for enjoying and supporting their winery and wines.

Although this winery has been around for a very long time they just recently came into South Florida with only being in a handful of restaurants and boutique wine shops.  They are not massive produced and want to keep their small limited production to keep their excellent quality up.

Their wine prices range from $15-$50.  The wines are very good so if you happen to see it in a store or restaurant I highly suggest checking it out, you will to be disappointed.

My rating *****  Price $40


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2 Responses to Familia Di Tommaso Malbec 2007 Ultra Premium

  1. Completely agree with your rating and reaction to this wine. We met them down in Mendoza and it was one of my favorites on the entire trip. Do you happen to know who the distributor is in America? I’d love to get some in NY…

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