Michelle’s Bio

Wine Consultant/ Educator, passionate about wine. Enjoy drinking wine with friends.  Wanted to start blogging to share my personal experiences through tasting notes, and education.   I have worked in the business for many years operating small boutique wine shops along with big box wine stores.  Walking into a retail wine shop or restaurant can be so intimidating.  My philosophy is wine is such a personal experience.  If you ask for help the first thing someone should ask you is what do you normally like in a wine or what do you enjoy drinking.  Getting to know the individual’s palate is key.  It’s the same concept of say you love a particular food. Example: you love “swordfish”.  And someone else does not care for swordfish at all.  It is important to remember it may be your personal favorite dish but that does not mean someone else needs to feel the same way.  Choosing a wine should be fun and exciting.  Take out all the snobbery that at times is associated with the business and just drink and enjoy.  The best way to learn about wine is through tasting and being open to try anything.  Wine tasting parties with friends are so much fun, blind tastings, or just a bottle at dinner.  I do not pretend to know it all, as the world of wine is a constant learning experience which is very exciting.  Come explore the fascinating world of wine with me one bottle at a time!  Cheers! Salute!


I say to consumers: instead of relying totally on critics, drink what you like and like what you drink ~ Robert Mondavi


My rating system is based on five stars.

Five being Best of the Best, rated on Aroma, Bouquet, Structure, Price, Quality, Tasting notes, Layers, Body, Finish and balance of the wine.

10 Responses to About

  1. Gina says:

    Congratulations my friend! I’m sure you are going to be a huge success. Much love.

  2. Jax says:

    Bravo Michelle! So proud of your first blogging endeavor! 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    SOOOO proud of you! You are gonna ROCK it! ❤

  4. Michelle C says:

    I will share this with Mark.
    He’s the wine guy in our house and would love to hear what you have to say!

  5. Sergio says:

    Hi Michelle,

    happy to see your great Blog, where it is clear to understand your pure passion about wine. Let’s hope you will, sooner or later, choose a wine in a good restaurant using our app!
    If you need any info about WineAmore, please do not hesitate to ask me.
    Ciao from Italy!


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