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Poetry in a bottle part two

When we taste wine we use descriptor words to help us to describe what we are tasting or feeling.  Yes, I believe we can feel wine. Taste it and really feel the soil it might have been grown in, the … Continue reading

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Poetry in a bottle!

The reason why people say wine is “bottled poetry” is because there usually is a great story to tell during each special bottle. Reagrdless where you are enjoying a bottle either at home with your loved one or out with friends dining,  each bottle … Continue reading

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Drink, lessons on storing and laying wine down!

Beautiful wine cellar, no  it is not mine, wishful thinking.  Before moving into a condo I had a self-made cellar in my home.  Being in the wine industry for many years I collected many fine and rare bottles.  Most wine makers … Continue reading

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How to boost the American economy one bottle at a time!

So we all love wine from various regions.  But how can us passionate wine drinker’s help to boost our economic crisis. And with the 4th of July around the corner it made me think about this. Easy, drink more American … Continue reading

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Wine & Food Pairing

What is food without wine? For me it’s like a day without sunshine! Opinions vary on pairing wine with food. My belief is drink what you like. Sure there are many wines that pair better with certain dishes but as long … Continue reading

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White Wine Tasting Sheet

Great tool to use while tasting and learning about wine.  The scoring is based on 100 points. 100 being the “best of the best.” Wine Selection____________________Retail $______ Appellation/Country________________Vintage_____ Grape Variety_____________________Producer____ Scoring: Bouquet/Aroma-  Highly Aromatic, Inviting Bouquet, Nice Bouquet Nose Intesity (5)_____ … Continue reading

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Red Wine Tasting Sheet

When I first started learning about wine I used tasting sheets to help me. Literally, hundreds upon hundreds of them.  Forced to think and evaluate each wine tried. It is a great tool to do when learning about wine. There … Continue reading

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