National Cabernet Sauvignon Lover’s Day!

What is to LOVE about Cabernet Sauvignon?

Let’s count the way’s:

The three B’s:   BIG, BOLD, & BEAUTIFUL!

With so many wine’s on the market how do you choose?  The first question I usually ask a client is how much would you like to spend?  This will give you a start.  Nothing more confusing when a client would tell me I want a good bottle.  Well, let’s speak the truth here.  A good bottle may mean very different thing’s to many people. Example: some may think a $12 bottle is a great bottle while other’s might prefer to think a $80 bottle would be great!

So, getting to know your client’s budget is key when trying to suggest a bottle of wine.  Price does not matter, you can usually find great bottle’s to suit everyone’s palate and price range.

Napa Valley is known for making some of the very BEST Cabernet Sauvignon’s.  And I must say I do agree!  While there are many other regions that make fabulous Cabernet Sauvignon’s and many that are much more cost-effective.  Yes, Napa Valley pricing has gone as high as their reputation in the biz.

If you like dark bold fruits, blackberries, plums, dark cherries, currants, licorice, smoky oak, rich tannins, vanilla, chocolate, raspberries, tobacco, and dry red wines Cabernet Sauvignon will please you.  Typically they are full-bodied, robust, layers of flavors, complex, and long finish.  

My favorite food with Cabernet Sauvignon is a nice good cut juicy steak.  Oh it is insane how well the two pair.  I feel this varietal was made for meat lover’s.  The meat just taste better and the wine becomes silky succulent sexy and savoring!

What are some choices and various prices from some well reputable winery’s?

Lyeth- Sonoma County $11-$14

Louis M. Martini, Sonoma County  $17-$20

Beringer Knight’s Valley, $27-$30

Hess Collection, Mendocino-Lake Napa $17-$20

Buehler, Napa Valley $35-$38

Bodega Catena Zapata, Mendoza Argentina $22 $25

Trapiche Broquel, Mendoza, Argentina $17-$20

Bodegas y Vinedos O. Fournier, Maule Valley, Chile $11-$14

Falesco Umbria, Italy $42-$46

L’Ecole No. 41, Walla Walla Valley, WA $40-$43

So many to choose from.  I say just start experiencing one bottle at a time and explore different regions!  Salute!

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2005 Tassinaia Super Tuscan

My blogging needs some major loving.  What a great bottle of wine to write about.  My heart sings with joy when I think about Super Tuscan’s.  The fruit, the terroir, and the blends of grapes make Super Tuscan’s delightful to drink. 

The picture above is Castello del Terriccio, province of Pisa.  Beautiful flatlands and hills.  Sandy, stony soil with a long ripening season. The Oenologist Carlo Ferrini is outstanding at producing such fine highly rated wines.

Over the year’s I have enjoyed every vintage of  Tassinaia and it is alway’s such a delight to drink.  The 2005, 90 points Robert Parker, drank very well. Fermented in Stainless Steel vats, and aged in French Oak for 14 months. 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Sangiovese, and 33% Merlot.  Big, Bold fruit bomb with lush raspberries, sweet spicy oak, tar, cedar and vanilla notes all perfectly blended with soft tannins and a long lasting finish.


Some of my dearest wines that I have such love for are Super Tuscan’s and this is affordable with excellent quality for the price.  The quality is just as good as some $100 bottles of Super Tuscan’s if not better.

Pure silky finish with so much fruit and complex = awesomeness!

Price $38-$45

My Rating *****

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Poetry in a bottle part two

When we taste wine we use descriptor words to help us to describe what we are tasting or feeling.  Yes, I believe we can feel wine. Taste it and really feel the soil it might have been grown in, the people who picked the grapes and the love that went into making each batch.

Some words that are used: filtered, smoky, oaky, herbaceous, soft, chewy, fat, lean, austere, big, bold, sexy, hot, jammy, fruity, fleshy, sour, puckery, ripe, bright, round, ponderous, green, foxy, firm, breathe, luscious, attractive, perfumed, easy, delicate, flowery, lemony, buttery, elegant, citrusy, crisp, supple, tannic, toasty, tobacco, woody, yeasty, tart, oily, hearty, and lively.

So many words to describe wine, so how can we not say it is bottled poetry.

Next time you are outside and you see a bird flying through the sky, picture yourself with wing’s, flying beside it taking in all the beautiful views, the wind racing through your entire body, experience it as it would never be the same if you did it again. Each experience would be different.


This is exactly like each bottle you sample. Sit back, take in what this living thing has to offer, the story or poem it will tell is astounding.

Adventure, journey to another dimesnion is what wine bring’s me in each and every story one bottle at a time.  BELIEVE!

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Poetry in a bottle!

The reason why people say wine is “bottled poetry” is because there usually is a great story to tell during each special bottle.

Reagrdless where you are enjoying a bottle either at home with your loved one or out with friends dining,  each bottle tells a story.  Have you ever tried to recreate a special bottle’s moments and taste.  I have never been able to, not that the second time with the same bottle was bad, just different. Appreciating each bottle separately depending on where you might be  or with whom leaves you with such fond memories.

So never try to recreate a special moment, just make it a new moment to enjoy and experience. What do we use to communicate our feeling’s about wine?  Colour, taste and smell.

Sorry, part two coming soon as word press had an error once uploaded. 😦





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Quintessa Wines and Winery Visit

What a great winery and tasting experience. This is quintessential!  They know how to make you feel special and appreciated.  This really gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. 
A very nice lady gave us a private tour and tasting. She took us to a private sitting area poured the first wine and excused herself saying she would be right back. Upon her return, she brought a platter of cheese and crackers. Oh very nice, and paired so nicely with the wines. She gave us great information about the winery and wines, very knowledgeable. They are now partnering up with Flowers, oh wow, another excellent wine.

We tasted :
2008 Vineyard Block Barrel Samples: Bench and Cruz del Sur Cabernet Sauvignon.
2006 and 2007 Quintessa- quite different in the vintages, I liked them both very much but prefered the 2006. Superb wines!

The cheese:
San Andreas, Sheep’s Milk, Bellwether Farms Petaluma, CA
Estero Gold, Cows Milk, Valley Ford Cheese Company
Cheese pairing by Nick Peyton, Cyrus Restaurant, Healdsburg, CA

This winery is all class and elegance. The wines were all excellent quality as usual but my favorite was the 2006 Quintessa, lush fruit, full-bodied, mocha, licorice, vanilla spice, lingering finish. Oh nice!

Biodynamic farming, Agustin Huneeus Vintner/ Proprietor, Rutherford/ Napa Valley

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, as we enjoyed our visit very much.
The views are amazing and service is superb!

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Miner Family Winery Visit

Miner family winery is a dynamic family owned winery, founded in 1998 by Dave and Emily Miner. Breathtaking views of the hillside. The tasting room is quite small but enjoyable. Being a fan of the wines for many years this was a must to visit for me. Kelly was our lovely host and she was terrific. Very friendly, knowledgeable, enjoyed talking about the wines, vineyards, and the Miner family. We tasted through about ten wines. The Viognier was showing well. As far as whites the Wild Yeast Chardonnay was delish, filled with tropical fruits, buttery, with a nice finish. The 2006 Cabernet was elegant yet full, very nice. Finally my personal favorite was the 2006 Oracle, perfectly balanced, full-bodied with structure and a velvety finish.

During the tasting their stemware used is all Riedel O series. It’s fun because each varietal has its own stem, or stemless! It gives you a true taste of the wines in the proper stemware. I enjoyed them so much that I bought a set for a friend. They are engraved with the Miner logo on them.

Kelly told us about the Miner label being based on ancient Assyrian relief in the image of the winged sun-god. The stunning symbol represents the brilliant light of the sun, which illuminates the life of mankind while giving energy and warmth for the vines. We enjoyed our tasting very much. From the excellent quality of the wines, the small family vineyard has made me a fan for many years. Gary Brookman is consistent at making remarkable wines.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!

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Black Stallion Winery Visit featuring Bucephalus 2006

How can you miss this great winery.  After being in the Valley several days and passing it so many times, we finally decided to stop in to check it out.
Located on the grounds of a historic equestrian center, Black Stallion Winery is the latest addition to the distinguished collection of wineries in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley. Their wines are not distributed, and this is the beauty of finding these hidden gems when you are a visitor. I mean anyone can go to a local wine shop and pick up mass-produced wines.

As you drive up the long driveway, you are greeted with a beautiful fountain and a statue of a black stallion. The inside of the winery is just as pretty. Nice gift shop area, great tasting bar, along with a private tasting room where they cater in food as well.

Michelle, was our very lovely host. She was the BEST! So friendly, great personality, knowledgeable, and so much fun. We really enjoyed speaking with her. We tasted:
2008 Sauvignon Blanc
2007 Chardonnay
2006 Oakville Merlot
2007 Oak Knoll District Syrah
2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2002 side by side
Then a very special treat of the 2006 Bucephalus Napa Valley Red Blend.

The 2002 Napa Cabernet was the very first wine ever released by the winery. Throw a bit of Cab Franc, Malbec, Petite Verdot and voila you have a very well structured wine. Medium bodied with chocolate, spices, cherry, plum, well-balanced Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2005, was much fuller bodied, concentrated fruit, and a long finish. This should hold up well for years to come.

The Bucephalus red blend was very good. The syrah gives it more depth and character, balanced tannins, long finish, should gracefully age for at least ten years. Great structure.

We did purchase a few bottles that we really enjoyed. Most of their wines are good prices for the quality. Oh that Bucephalus was $150 a bottle,  may order some in the future, as it really did impress me.

Service was excellent, Michelle was a doll but there was also another gentleman who was also very nice. (From Puerto Rico) forgot his name.
I believe this winery will be one to look at in the future years. It’s new, they have a great female winemaker,  I see very good things happening here with excellent quality boutique wines.

Do not miss visiting this great new winery that has so much to offer.


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